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4840-1054: Media Computing in Practice (Summer 2022)


  • April 21: Updated the schedule and What should you do in each class.
  • April 14: Updated the schedule. Created the page of What should you do in each class?
  • April 14: If you’ve submitted a form of SageMaker Studio Lab but still haven’t authorized yet, please email to Takahiro Kubo (AWS) directory.
  • April 13: Week2 slide has been uploaded.
  • April 6: Students who wish to take the course must complete the survey on the ITC-LMS by 23:59 on April 6. As I have decided to give a lecture in Week 2, I extended the deadline for the survey until 23:59 on April 12.
  • April 6: Created a Q&A page.


This lecture will be given in seminar-style. Students will read, implement, and present a recent paper. The code must be publicly available as a GitHub repository. In addition, students will update other students’ repositories using Pull Requests.

  • Instructor: Yusuke Matsui.
  • Dates: Wednesday, 2nd period (10:25 - 12:10)
  • Location: Zoom (see ITC-LMS for the zoom URL)


  • Learn about recent research in the multimedia field (including but not limited to CV, NLP, ML, etc.)
  • Learn how to publish your research through the release of source code
  • Learn modern software development through the experience of modifying other students’ source code using Pull Request


  • GitHub account (mandatory)


  • Presentation, coding, and Pull Requests.
  • Depending on the number of participants, attendance may also be considered.


Date (2022) Contents Presented by Resources
Week 1, Apr 6 Guidance Yusuke Matsui [slide], [repo]
Week 2, Apr 13 Paper selection + PR + GitHub Actions Yusuke Matsui [slide]
Week 3, Apr 20 Seminar Yusuke Matsui [slide]
  Kim+, “Dynamic Closest Color Warping to Sort and Compare Palettes”, SIGGRAPH 2021 吴 宇涵 (Yuhan Wu) [slide], [repo]
  Huang+, “Arbitrary Style Transfer in Real-time with Adaptive Instance Normalization”, ICCV 2017 YANG Chengkai [slide], [repo]
Week 4, Apr 27 Seminar    
  (1) Takahashi and Mitsufuji, “Densely connected multidilated convolutional networks for dense prediction tasks”, CVPR 2021 and (2) Défossez+, “Music Source Separation in the Waveform Domain”, arXiv 2021 naba89 [slide], [repo]
  Kipf+, “Neural Relational Inference for Interacting Systems”, ICML 2018 郑 书晗 (Zheng Shuhan) [slide], [repo]
Week 5, May 11 Seminar    
  Ronneberger+, “U-Net: Convolutional Networks for Biomedical Image Segmentation”, MICCAI 2015 朱 国豪 (Guohao (Trevor) Zhu) [slide], [repo]
  Ishida+, “Do We Need Zero Training Loss After Achieving Zero Training Error?”, ICML 2020 アヌバワ アヌバワ [slide], [repo]
Week 6, May 18 Seminar    
  Sabour+, “Dynamic Routing Between Capsules”, NIPS 2017 尤 書恒 (You Shuheng) [slide], [repo]
  Choudhary+, “BerConvoNet: A deep learning framework for fake news classification”, Applied Soft Computing 陳 星星 (Chen Xingxing) [slide], [repo]
Week 7, May 25 Seminar ユンセィ セィリン  
  Seminar BAYASGALAN Amartuvshin  
  Seminar LUO Erxiang  
  Seminar Fu Lian  
  Seminar 楊 博銘 (Yang Boming)  
Week 8, June 8 Seminar 曹 永鵬 (Cao Yongpeng)  
  Seminar 佐藤 賢志郎 (Kenshiro Sato)  
  Seminar 舘野 将寿 (Masatoshi Tateno)  
  Seminar 林 洸希 (Koki Hayashi)  
Week 9, June 15 Coding day    
Week 10, June 22 Seminar for PR  Presenters of Apr 20 and Apr 27  
Week 11, June 29 Seminar for PR  Presenters of May 11 and May 18  
Week 12, July 6 Seminar for PR  Presenters of May 25 and June 8  
Week 13, July 13 (invited talk)